What’s the Matter Materiality and Materialism at the Age of Computation, International Conference, COAC, ETSAB, ETSAV, Barcelona, September 4-5-6, 2014

Marta Male-Alemany


MARTA MALÉ-ALEMANY is an architect, researcher, and educator from Barcelona.

Marta has over 16 years of academic experience teaching architecture in the US and Europe, with universities and schools such as MIT, U.PENN, UCLA, SCI-Arc, AA London, ESARQ-UIC and IAAC. She has founded and directed several Master and Post-Graduate programs, and serves as an External Program Reviewer for several schools across Europe.

In both academic and professional domains, Marta explores the potential of computational tools for architecture, through a research-oriented and integrated approach involving design & manufacturing. She is currently doing advanced research on 3D Printing technology to innovate building construction, and working as an independent curator of several exhibitions, on design & technology related subjects.

Marta obtained her architecture diploma from ETSAV-UPC (Barcelona, 1996), holds a Master Degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University (New York, 1997) and is a PhD candidate at the ETSAB-UPC (Barcelona).

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DeLanda’s Comeback as Filmaker

The Conference will host the first preview-show of the three, out of the new series Continuous Variations, films-digital videos of 40 min duration with extraordinary effects by Manuel Delanda, who will also make the introduction . The series will be shown at the NYC Anthology Film Archives at the end of 2014.